Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scenario planning on shaky ground

Greetings fellow MOOCers!
One more exciting opportunity to participate in an OpenMassive Online Course via Wikieducator! Last year I completed the eLearning and Digital Technologies MEd at the University of Canterbury. Investigating change with digital technologies was and still is part of my learning journey. I was also an assistant researcher for the DEANZ case study on future scenarios for New Zealand tertiary education.
This year I am working as a primary and secondary Science Educator in Christchurch, New Zealand and I am delighted to look into scenario planning from a different perspective. Christchurch has had many disruptions over the last couple of years due to over 10,000 earthquakes (!), but there are also many interesting things happening with eLearning in schools as a result of that. Although the Christchurch experience has taught us that things don’t always go the way you planned, it has also taught us how to be more resilient and adaptable when on shaky ground (literally!).
I find that scenario planning is a way to increase resilience in change, without excluding adaptation and I am looking forward to further explore this in terms of education in Christchurch. I am excited to have the opportunity to connect with fellow educators and look at different scenario planning case studies in different educational contexts! 


  1. Hi -- Welcome aboard! Its great to have one of the DEANZ scenario planning researchers join us for the workshop. A tip - remember to tag your post. If you add the "SP4Ed" label to your post in blogger it will aggregated in the feed.

    1. Thanks for making this happen Wayne! Looking forward to this :-)
      Post is now tagged

    2. Great to see you in showing the way as a lead learner Pinelopi.
      And thanks for clarifying that Wayne, I thought it might be #SP4Ed.